Meow Cat Sitting Covid-19 Policies

Caring for your cats and protecting your home during the Covid-19 crisis.

Due to the nature of pet sitting – in that I travel from home-to-home to care for your pets –  it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me that I protect the healthy environment of EVERY HOUSEHOLD in my care, as well as protecting the healthy environment within in my own home.

I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19!!

With the on-going explosion of Coronavirus cases around the country I must employ the following measures to protect all of my customers and my own health/safety:

New Client Intake – For the time being your new client intake will be conducted at your home, but outdoors. I’ll collect essential pet information, your key and payment information outdoors. For the “house tour” part of our meet up you have the option to send me photos of all your cat’s essential care items (litter box location, food storage, eating stations, cleaning supplies location, etc.) or walk me through via Facetime. (You’ll need to have Facetime on your phone as well.)

*15 day “service quarantine” between pet sittings if you have traveled to any active coronavirus “hotspot” state (like California, Florida, Arizona, New York) or outside the USA.  It is okay if you have traveled to one of these spots, but it will be 15 days before I can accept another pet sitting for your household.  No exceptions.

If a member of your household becomes ill…cold, flu, exhibits symptoms of Coronavirus, or tests positive for the Coronavirus any scheduled services will have to be cancelled until a 15 day quarantine per person has passed.  Meaning, we’ll have to wait 15 days for each member of your household before I can enter your home again. (2 people = 30 days, 4 people = 60 days, Etc) No exceptions.  All members of the household must test negative before I can return to pet sit inside your home.

Cleaning supplies – I do my best to bring necessary cleaning supplies with me, but I need your help to keep your home clean.  Please leave at least one back up roll of paper towels, and some type of bleach-spray (or high-alcohol volume home-made spray like everclear + water, vodka + water, etc.) to help me keep your home clean. 

I will clean on my first visit, as needed thr0ughout the pet sitting and then clean/sanitize again on my last visit. 

Honesty and Integrity – I am relying on you to be 100% honest and transparent with me about the healthy environment within your home.  And I promise to be 100% honest and transparent with you about my exposure to Coronavirus.  Before your next pet sitting PLEASE TELL ME IF ANY MEMBER OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS BEEN ILL WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS.

My On-Going Safety Protocols:
I follow an expanded version of the CDC safety recommendations to protect your home.

  • I wear a mask at all times when I am in your home.
  • I wear gloves as needed. When gloves are in short supply I am thoroughly sanitizing my hands before entering your home for each visit, and hand washing as needed throughout the pet sitting.
  • I clean each surface that I must touch for the purpose of pet sitting…countertops, sink faucets, handles, drawer handles and fronts, dishes and silverware, light switches, broom/dust pan handles, litter scoop handle, EVERYTHING.
  • Modified visit duration: If your cats want me there I am staying for plenty of attention and playtime.  If your cat is shy, elusive or clearly does not want me there I will take care of their essential needs, find them to make sure they are ok, and wait a little while to see if they’ll come visit.  If they do not need contact with Me I may choose to remain there only for the essential time needed.
  • All surfaces of your house that I have touched will be cleaned as needed throughout the pet sitting and then a final time before I leave on the last visit.
  • There is no extra charge for the additional safety-cleaning measures.
  • I follow CDC guidelines to prevent exposure when I am out of my home. (Social distance at least 6 feet, Wear, Wait and Wash.). As soon as a vaccine is available to me I’m taking it!
  • If I become ill or test positive with Coronavirus I will be 100% transparent with you.

Thank you for your business and continuing to call on Me to care for your cats and homes.  I am truly grateful for your trust in my care and services.

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How to Carrier Train your Cat

It’s all about Helping Kitty Feel Comfortable

One of the most common excuses I hear from clients of why their cats haven’t been to the vet for necessary vaccinations or medical care is “I can’t get my cat in Her crate.  She hates it!”

Carrier Training your Cat

Well, I am happy to share good news with you…  Helping your cat to be comfortable with their carrier/crate is easier than you think.

Crate/carrier training a cat helps immensely with your kitty’s comfort for Vet visits, moving to a new home, travel, emergency evacuation, etc.

Here are some tried an true methods to acclimate kitty to her crate

  1. Leave your cat’s carrier out at home. Make it available to be their “safe zone”.
  2. Don’t force your cat inside the carrier. Let her enter on her own terms. It may take a week – or even a year.
  3. House Rule – especially with children in the home – No Touching Kitty when She’s in her Crate. Make this her safe zone, her kitty “getaway”.  If your cat feels safe in her carrier, encouraging her to go into it will be easy-peasy.
  4. Line the bottom with soft, comfortable, familiar bedding.
  5. Place toys, treats, familiar objects inside to encourage kitty to enter.
  6. spray the inside with Feliway, catnip or other calming spray
  7. Drape a blanket or towel over the crate – leaving the door accessible. This makes it like a kitty “cave”.
  8. Reward your cat for going in / using the crate. Leave little treats in there and offer a treat to your cat while they are in the crate.
  9. New Cat ? Clean the carrier thoroughly before giving it to your cat. It’s best to use an enzymatic cleaner, or diluted hydrogen peroxide – so all traces of former kitties is eliminated.

Remember, give Kitty time and let her explore and settle into her crate at her own pace.  Establishs it as a safe space – and remind all family members of the “No touch” rule while kitty is in her carrier.

Not sure which carrier to purchase for your cat? Check out these options at 

The best features for your kitty’s carrier should include: 

– Zipper access from above and the end. 

– Soft sides, with A stable frame, so the carrier does not flatten or sag on top of your cat. 

– A solid bottom. No mesh or fabric bottom carriers.  Cats feel safer when they are being carried around if they are on a stable base. 

– Quiet.  The louder the crate, the less comfortable it is for Kitty.  No wheels, rattling metal cage doors or metal sides.


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What to expect during your New Client Intake

Meow Cat Sitting - Pet Sitter Asheville and Arden NCLet’s Meet! 

Selecting the right pet care professional for your pets is very important. I want to ensure the best relationship with your cats and you, so a New Client Intake is required prior to your first Pet Sitting.

Please note: First-Time Cat Sitting assignments are not confirmed until we have conducted the New Client Intake.

What to Expect….

Don’t worry…I’m not ignoring your cats… 

For the first few minutes of our visit I will probably not engage with your cats very much, unless they approach and give me clues they are okay with the introduction. I like to give your cats a few minutes to adjust to a newcomer in the house. To give them time to see me, smell me and hear my voice.

Please do not corral, cage or confine your kitties for our visit. If your cats hide, that is okay as long as we can find them. Please do not force them to come out. We can still “meet” each other through smell, sight and sound. They don’t have to come out from under the bed.

Tell me all about your Cats!  I will meet with you and your cats, and spend some time visiting – at your cat’s pleasure. We discuss your cat’s care needs and I’ll gather all the information I need to provide the best care possible. Details are important, so I love hearing all about your kitties. Don’t be shy.  We’re all crazy cat people, here. [Read more…]

How to Build Your Own Cat-Friendly First Aid Kit

Do you have a First Aid Kit for your cats?Cat Friendly First Aid Kit

Cats may have nine lives, but they do get themselves into Sticky situations now and again. There are times when your cat may end up in an emergency situation and you’ll need to administer some first aid care.

We suggest building your own cat-friendly pet first aid kit. [Read more…]