To save you a little time here are answers to the most frequently asked questions …

Cat Sitter Asheville NC

How do I schedule services?

New Clients please call to schedule a Phone Interview and your New Client Meet & Greet.  The New Client Intake is required prior to your first pet sitting with us.  Call 828-216-0161 to schedule.

Current clients – Please use the online portal, or send a direct email to to schedule services. 

Do you board cats?

Your cats will tell you – they prefer the comforts of home, and are happiest and less stressed when they remain in their familiar environment. 

We do not board cats. Your cats remain safe, comfortable and healthy at home, and we travel to them.

How many visits per day does my cat need?

While your pet’s visit schedule is entirely up to you, most healthy cats will do very well with one visit per day. 

Cats can sometimes get themselves into sticky situations, and there are several health issues which can progress very quickly and endanger your cat’s welfare. Therefore, we require a visit to care for your cats at least once every 24 hours.

Cats with special medical needs, special diets or who may need extra attention will likely need visits twice per day.  Due to schedule demands, Meow Cat Sitting limits the number of Twice-A-Day Visit customers we can accommodate.

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Do I need to give you a key to my home?

We require two methods of entry into your home.  

We prefer Keyless entry (door touchpad code), garage door codes, and/or keys in a lockbox. Meow Cat Sitting offices do not keep keys, alarm fobs or garage door openers on file for security purposes.

If your home is not equipped with Keyless entry (door touchpad) or a garage door code, we ask that you store the keys on your property utilizing a lock-box.   Customers are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the lock box.

How / When do I pay for services?

Payment is due, in full, on the first day of your pet sitting. Your payment card on file will be charged in full on the first day of the pet sitting.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the unique nature of cats-only sitting, it is not often that an appointment can be filled when cancelled within a Two Week of the start date.  Your cat sitter plans their life around the needs of kitty clients, and will turn away business once the schedule has filled. Thus the need for the following cancellation policy:

Meow Cat Sitting Cancellation Policy:

A two-week (14-day) notice of cancellation or change is required for all Cat Sitting/Pet Sitting services. The cancellation period begins two weeks/14 days before the first day of your scheduled services. This policy applies to all services scheduled, and is applicable whether the reservation is being changed, cancelled in-part, or cancelled completely.  Cancellation Fees – when applicable – are billed when notice is received.

Cancellation Fees: 

  • Cancellations and/or changes received 7-13 days out – the client is responsible for half (50%) of the total invoice for scheduled services being canceled.
  • Cancellations and/or changes received 6 days or less from the start of the pet sitting – the client is responsible for the Full amount (100%) of the total invoice for scheduled services being canceled.

Please note that these cancellation fees are nonrefundable and cannot be applied as credit towards future services.

How do you handle Cat Medical Emergencies?

During your onboarding process with Meow Cat Sitting you’ll be asked to sign a Veterinary Care Agreement that gives Meow Cat Sitting permission to transport your pet to the appropriate animal hospital for appropriate care.

If your cat is suffering and Non-Life Threatening health issue, we will call you to discuss the situation and make a plan. In these situations we will usually take your cat to their regular veterinarian – unless care is required after hours, or their Veterinarian is outside the Asheville area.

If your cat is suffering an Emergency Medical situation (Kidney/Urinary related issue, trauma, heart issue, is unresponsive, choking, in shock or bleeding) we will transport them to S.A.V.E.S. Emergency Veterinary Hospital, then call you once they are in the care of veterinarians.

We are experienced in managing animal emergencies, and Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

There are additional fees applied for veterinary care trips, and any additional visits required once your pets are home again.

Are there Cat Sitting Assignments you won’t do?

Each Cat Client relationship is considered on a case-by-case basis.  Your Cat’s needs always come first.  There are some instances where Meow Cat Sitting may choose not to take on a new client or provide service.

For the consideration of all the animals in my care, and for my other human clients I do not accept cat sitting assignments for households where smoking occurs inside the home.

I have an alarm and cameras on my house.  Is that ok?

I am happy to help keep your home safe by setting your alarm system between visits. I am familiar with several styles of alarm systems, and confident with operating them. 

Please tell me if you have cameras in the house. I do not mind being on camera, but appreciate knowing they are there.

How far in advance should I schedule services?

I always advise current clients to make reservations at least 14 days in advance, especially for cat sitting during the Summer months, and peak holidays.  But, Life sometimes sends us last minute stuff…

Your cats are very important to me, so I will always do my best to accommodate last minute requests from current clients. For requests that come in 72 hours or less prior to your departure there may be an additional Last Minute Reservation fee.

New clients:  A New Client Intake is required at least 14 days prior to the start of your first Cat Sitting. If it is short notice, and I cannot accommodate your request at this time I will certainly be happy to help another time in the future.